Benefit Auctioneer vs Guest Speaker/ MC

December 5, 2017

Your event is coming up. You’ve sold tickets to premiere guests, you’ve collected fabulous auction prizes, you’ve organized the speakers, sponsors, room layout and finally you need a Live Auctioneer. This is where many event planners and organizers find themselves. It may seem like a task easily overshadowed by the long list of duties when hosting an event, however it can be risky without the assistance of a professional benefit auctioneer.



Professional Benefit Auctioneers are Trained Experts in raising money while creating an entertaining atmosphere for your guests. It can mean the difference between not hitting fundraising goals, doubling profits and adding a positive experience.


Auctioneers are doing much more than counting up fundraising dollars, they bring a sense of urgency to bidders, commanding attention from the attendance. This skill set is brought from years of encountering every scenario. And while there may be some new ones to arise, a seasoned and trained auctioneer can handle each situation in a professional and poise manner. Giving bidders the confidence to raise their hand and donate to your cause.



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