Top 5 Auction Tips to Maximize Funds Raised At Your Next Fundraiser

January 8, 2018

A fundraising auction is an exciting way to raise money for your cause. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next event!


1.  Hire a Professional Benefit Auctioneer

One of the main goals for every Benefit, Charity and Foundation is to raise funds. Hiring a professional benefit auctioneer commands attention from the audience, it’s entertaining and it’s their professional job to “Sell” and “Raise” money. The volunteer, business person or sports celebrity down the street may be a good public speaker however, the concept is to raise money, and who better to do this than a professional auctioneer.


2.  Hire Professional Bid Catchers

Our professionally trained Bid Catchers are engaging during the live auction process and add encouragement from the bidding audience. They provide excitement and entertainment while the auctioneer calls out the bids. They will not leave “money in the room” and are there to maximize funds raised.


3.  Promote the Live Auction Items

It’s important to promote the generous donations your organization has received. Through email blasts, social media, mailing invitations or advertising space, promote well ahead of your event to create anticipation and interest.

Our Team can assist with creating detailed programs with photos of the live auction items for placement on each dinner table.Signage is key. Have lots of signage throughout the venue promoting these items in the live auction.


4.  Slide Show

Having an overhead slide show or screen above the stage promoting each live auction item to be sold is another effective opportunity to display your donated gifts to the bidding audience.


5.  Prime Time

Conduct your live auction during the Prime Time of the event when guests are still engaged and you’ll be able to maximize dollars raised.



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